Rebecca & Joel | Woburn Abbey

Forever Session

A Message From PTP

A few months ago I got a call from my sister. "I've just recommended you to the guy who runs the village jewellery shop. His son's getting married. Expect a call" Awesome - thanks sis! Sure enough a few weeks later and I'm meeting with Rebecca and Joel and their respective parents, going through the detail of what they all want for the big day. And what became clear very quickly was that this was to be an intimate wedding, and therefore they were only interested in a photographer who had a style and presence that would blend with the guests - not stand out or claim that it was all about him or her. This suited me perfectly - I fell I now have a good sense of when to be assertive at a wedding (note - assertive, not bossy!) and when to disappear. Whilst at all times not compromising the artistic or emotional integrity of my work. The engagment shoot that I did with Rebecca & Joel last weekend was a perfect chance for the 3 of us to get to know each other better, have a laugh as well as get some lovely shots of this very photogenic couple. And we all made the most of the time we had there to walk around the venue and go through the running order of the day. I did make a conscious effort to concentrate on them and not to shoot too much of the venue - I want to keep that special for their wedding day next month! Hope you like the shots as much as I did taking them.