Michelle & Josh | The Grove

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

When Josh first saw Michelle at St Johns Wood Shul, he knew he was in the presence of someone very special. And with some help from her friends he was able to call her, ask her out on a date and so their love story began. Originally to be in Israel, this gorgeous couple moved heaven and earth to make sure they just got married - in the right way, in front of the right people and with just the right amount of fun and joyous abandonment - the wedding was a reality! So here's to Michelle & Josh. Here's to their fierce determination to continue their love story. Here's to the strength of their love that even a global pandemic wasn't going to affect. Here's to the love for them from their families and friends who were there to make sure the wedding was just what Michelle & Josh wanted, what they dreamed of, what they deserved.

Client Testimonial

"Paul I LOVE these!!! they are absolutely beautiful - making me very emotional all over again!!! You are the best !!! can’t wait to see the rest in a few weeks!"

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