Future Dreams Paxman Launch | North Middx Hospital

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A Message From PTP

A very emotionally rewarding shoot this morning - for women suffering with breast cancer and facing chemotherapy instinctively worry about losing their hair as a result of the treatment. The Paxman scalp-cooling machine has been assisting women since 1997 and is successfully doing so throughout Europe and since 2017 has been FDA-approved in America. It delivers hope to women receiving chemotherapy and is a proven alternative to the inevitability of hair loss. In this instance, Future Dreams has stepped in to help the North Middx Hospital by donating a machine to their cancer wards, and today Claire Paxman from the family was there to see the machine installed. So privileged to be there to see the work done at the coal-face by the wonderful team of talented nurses, doctors and oncologists. It makes it all real.