Alex & Max | North Mymms Park

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

The definition of 'superlative" - "expressing the highest or a very high degree of a quality". So how do I use a certain number of superlatives when describing Alex & Max's wedding last week? Because only 1 superlative will never be enough. We had the FUNNIEST first meeting - in their flat in Putney, meeting Monty their dog, having cake & tea and understanding the power of their relationship, and what makes each of them tick. We had the WETTEST venue meeting with both Mums at which as a team we pictured how they would stand during the ceremony, and what was most important to Alex was the drama of having a long walk up to the chuppah. We had the MOST SPONTANEOUS catch-up meeting at a hotel in Marbella, with my 2nd photographer Sophie, laughing over lunch, getting all tingled inside thinking about what was to come. We had the COOLEST wedding day pre-ceremony prep, with giggling bridesmaids and card-playing groomsmen. We had the SUNNIEST and MOST EPIC ceremony outdoors, the FUNKIEST party in the marquee and the SEXIEST sunset photo shoot. That's 8 superlatives, and frankly that doesn't touch the sides. These are my most most favourite moments from one of my MOST FAVOURITE weddings (see, that's now 9). I have to have this couple in my life. Beyond.

Client Testimonial

Alex: "Paul - we love you so much! And sophie. Honestly couldn’t have wished for more, you’re amazing. I could cry! (Again). Thank you for making my dreams come true, looking after us & I CANNOT wait to see these pictures!!!!!!!" Max: "Paul and Sophie you guys were just amazing! Sophie was just there at every moment and made me feel so so so so special. Paul you’re a great guy and you made the day amazing for us. Thank you both so much ❤️❤️"

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